Carpet Cleaning | Do’s And Don’ts

If you want your carpets to look beautiful all the time or you want them to live long, regular carpet cleaning is a must thing to do. In this article, we will discuss the do and don’ts of carpet cleaning.

Carpet Cleaning
Carpet Cleaning

1. Do Vacuum Often

Vacuuming is the first mandatory thing to do for carpet cleaning. Vacuuming should be your priority if you have a carpet in your home. Regular vacuuming can remove all the dirt laying up on your carpet which leaves your floor clean. It also enhances or maintains the beauty of your carpet or fluffs all the stands of your carpets. You can get crushed with time due to high traffic or also due to the weight of the furniture. There are many vacuums available with great suction, you can buy any of them.

2. Do Rotate Your Furniture

Furniture is heavy which can make your carpet look very saggy with time. It can also cause indents or worn patches on your carpets which will ruin the beauty of your carpet. You should always keep rotating or shifting your furniture.

3. To Create New Paths

You may have noticed that with time the places where you have placed your pricey furniture becomes the highest-trafficked area. These traffic areas lead your carpet to get faded or worn out with time. So, to avoid this problem you should try to shift your furniture in certain months of time, so that the area of your carpet gets to rest for a bit or doesn’t become faded or worn out.

4. Do Invest In Mats

You bring too much dirt with you from outside which makes your carpet look dull or dirty. But, don’t worry it’s a common issue, you can easily avoid this issue just by placing doormats inside or outside of your house entrance you will be able to save your carpet from dirt.

5. Do Trust The Professionals

It can happen that a problem arises related to your carpet which you cannot handle. Then, at that time you should call or hire any Carpet Cleaning Craigmore in your locality for carpet cleaning. They will examine your carpet properly and then, they will take the necessary action to deal with it.

6. Don’t Wear Shoes Inside The Home

Lots of germs or dirt gets carried inside the home with your shoes from outside. So, you should avoid wearing shoes inside the home, if you don’t want your carpets to become the home of bacteria or dust. You should always keep your outside the home or if you don’t like to be barefooted then, you can buy or use slippers to wear inside the home. Wearing shoes also can lead to wearing out your beautiful pricey carpet, so avoid wearing shoes inside.


So, these are some of the do’s or don’ts for carpet cleaning which you should or need to follow if you want your carpet to live long or remain looking beautiful all the time. If you will not follow the do’s and don’ts for carpet cleaning, your carpet will look dull or dirty with time, even if it can be damaged permanently if not taken care of properly.